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My Total Cost Backpacking Two Months In South America

To be frank: $2,637.68… more or less. The problem is that this number is useless unless we put it into perspective. So let me break it down for you. What it Included This number includes everything I spent during the 61 days I was on the road that was related to the...

How To Get a Venezuelan Visa in Colombia

Disclaimer: I am currently traveling on limited internet and a super slow computer. The information is good and I will make it look better upon my return. 😉   If you are an American (that is an American from the United States) like myself, you may have recently...

Your Playbook for Traveling Europe on the Cheap

Summer is a comin’ and that means you’re starting to plan that next big trip! Odds are that many of you will be jumping across the pond so I thought I would put together a list of my favorite resources for extending your budget just a little bit further. The power of...

Kayak’s Travel Hacker Tells You Best Times to Book That Flight

At a time when the world is debating on the balance between a company’s access to our information and our right to privacy, I find myself celebrating the joys that come with looking at the trends associated with all of the information. At this time in history,...

Moments Without Borders

It’s nights like tonight that keep me on the road. Unfortunately it often takes a goodbye to kindle the kind of emotion that reminds me why I do it. Life passes fast when it is broken into segments; two months at home, three weeks in Nicaragua, two and a half in...

Use these four websites to find your next international job

Soon to be updated: Did I say four? Better make it seven!  Work Abroad: EscapetheCity, Jobomas, Au Pair Work Remotely: DigitalNomads Another honorable mention: Find a Crew   Since I first announced that I was applying for jobs in Latin America, I have been...


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